Hearty Congratulations everyone for being in the Fourteenth Day of the Twenty-One Days Lock Down Period.

Today is the World Health Day. Irony is the world is sick due to CoVid19. Unlike other years when the World Health Day is being commemoratively celebrated with a theme that boosts health per se. However, World Health Day 2020 is different. Many parts of the world are undergoing CoVid-19-Lock Down. Unlike other World Health Days this year’s theme for celebration is for expressing expressing gratitude towards the frontline warriors who are fighting against CoVid19 keeping us and our family healthy – the Nurses & Midwives. Expression of gratitude in one of the aspect of mental health and contributes to a healthier lifestyle. Let’s learn more regarding the theme of World Health Day 2020. Either download the shared PDF file or visit the URL: http://www.wellbiance.com/health/wellness-coaching-top/current-concerns/49-world-health-day-7-april-2020-support-nurses-midwives to read details regarding the theme.

Alternatively do sign the petition created by Dr. Ashutosh Pradhan – http://chng.it/DKmD2TN6J8 to express gratitude towards nurses and midwives by saying thank by means of the petition signing. 

Hope you have gone through and executed the following 21 Days Lock Down Lifestyle Check List:

  1. Optimal Sleep ✅
  2. Personal Hygiene ✅
  3. Balanced Diet ✅
  4. Regular Exercise ✅
  5. Productive Engrossment✅

Based on the article shared on 25-March-2020. Those who joined late can click the link below and view the article shared earlier:


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