Effects of 21 days Lock Down Lifestyle

Since our Hon. PM (India) has announced 21 days lock down with effect from 12 am – 25-Mar-2020 effective till 11.59 pm on 14-Apr-2020. Along with social distancing, regular hand washing and the lock down all these will be 100% effective against CoV-id-19. We urge you to be at home all the time.

On the other hand it is likely that there will be derailed routine and it may further lead to weight gain in these 21 days if you do not follow a lifestyle regime. In order to avoid weight gain, as well as other adverse consequences of 21 days lock down, please follow:

1. Optimal Sleep – Take sleep only for 7 hours at night, just because there is nothing to do out of boredom don’t sleep for more than 7 hours. Do take rest in the afternoon but see to it you are stark awake and not sleeping – else quality of night sleep will be affected

2. Personal Hygiene – Take bath with hot water on regular times.

2. Restricted Food Intake – Eat food restricted to satisfying your hunger and not the taste buds.
(A) Food intake should be restricted to bare minimum – ideal is twice in a day, however should not exceed more than four times a day  
(B) Consume tea only twice in the day
(C) Avoid factory made soft drinks instead can take lemon juice without sugar
(D) Avoid on and off munching of any food items such as chips, nuts, fried items and restrict food intake to bare minimum
(E) Do not be couch potato – do not watch television while eating meals

3. Regular Exercise – Perform Homely exercise:
(A) Take a walk within your own premises and do not step out
(B) Do spot jogging
(C) Perform daily chores – sweeping, floor cleaning, vessel washing
(D) Perform common Yoga Protocol as shown in this YouTube video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ch8_AX-7ZU

4. Productive Engrossment
(A) Spend quality time with family members
(B) Restrict social media time spend to optimal – don’t just keep on watching videos recklessly available on social media. Decide what you intend to watch and restrict yourself watching only planned media
(C) Complete tasks which you have left over due to lack of time and focus
(D) Though the government has officially postponed compliance deadlines, complete Income Tax / GST / MCA compliances as almost all statements are available online. You can collate material required by your tax professional to complete compliance filing.
(E) Entertain yourself by playing chess, cards etc.

Do implement to stay healthy with weight in control.