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In the earlier articles we have learnt what is health and disease. Now let’s understand the Classification of a disease or infirmity. As in the current times three major systems of medicine are prevailing, Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homoeopathy we will restrict ourselves to these classifications and will not deal with classification of disease as per Siddha and Unani.

Allopathic (Modern Medicine) Classification of Disease1

  • Topographic, by bodily region or system,
  • Anatomic, by organ or tissue,
  • Physiological, by function or effect,
  • Pathological, by the nature of the disease process,
  • Etiologic (causal),
  • Juristic, by speed of advent of death,
  • Epidemiological, and
  • Statistical

Any single disease may fall within several of these classifications.

Ayurvedic Classification of Disease2

In Ayurveda multiple approaches are considered for classification of disease. The ayurvedic doctor has full liberty to consider newer approaches towards classification of disease.

Ayurvedic Classification of Disease - Table -1

 Ayurvedic Classification of Disease - Table 2

Homoeopathic Classification of Disease3, 4

Let’s understand Homoeopathic Classification of diseases and where homoeopathy can be effective. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann the founder of Homeopathic Science has scientifically classified disease into three major categories further sub-divided into other sub-categories:

  1. Indisposition:

It is just a deviation from state of health. E. g. Indigestion from overeating, body ache (myofibrositis) due to lack of sleep. This category diseases needs no remedy and can subside on their own after correction in the cause leading to indisposition.

  1. Surgical or Mechanical Cause related Diseases:

As the name suggests the disease is due to an external factor and has less of or no dynamism involved but is due to manual interference. Examples include fractures, big non reducible hernias. Diseases in this category will need surgical intervention and cannot be treated by any pathy.

  1. Dynamic Diseases:

Diseases caused by deviation in lifestyle (irregular habits, wrong diet, mental & physical stress). This category is further sub-divided into:

(A) Acute Diseases: Such as flu, diarrhoea, etc.

(B) Chronic Diseases: Such as arthritis, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, goitre, asthma, allergies, PCOS,   diabetes, blood pressure, etc.

Homoeopathy can successfully treat diseases from the third category.

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