We at Wellbiance Quality of Living Clinic are offering WEIM® Counselling.

What is full form of WEIM® Counselling?

WEIM Consultation
WEIM Consultation, Counselling

What is Willful Emotional Intelligence – Memorized Counselling?

It’s a method discovered and designed by Dr. Ashutosh Pradhan and Dr. Anjali A. Pradhan. The method involves systematic introspection and realigning of thoughts on regular basis on the principles that results into: Willful Emotional Intelligence – Memorized. Since the introspection and realignment has to be done on daily basis its been equated to a Gym.

What is the benefit of WEIM® to those who will practice it?

Practice of WEIM on regular basis will increase the immunity and will lead to invocation of capabilities to fight a chronic disease.

It will help identifying, setting and achieving short term as well as long term goals in living.

It will help reducing stress effectively.

The process will refine your understanding of Human Mind and you will have healthy perspectives of the environment around you.

Where can I avail more details about WEIM®?

More details about the project can be availed from a pre-scheduled conversation with Dr. Ashutosh Pradhan

How Do I avail the Service?

You can order first session from the service ordering section on the web site – Click Here to order First Time Session

Follow Up sessions can be ordered from – Click Here to order a Follow Up Session of 15 minutes