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               In the earlier articles we have learnt what is health, disease and classification of disease. Knowing all the concepts let’s tabulate the precise picture of Healthy State of Being. While tabulating the systems in the extreme left column in Systemic Parameters portion, I have just mentioned the body parts or broader classification, however, it has no relevance medically to existing medical terminology. For example, where I have mentioned broader terminology as Head, Neck, Brain it relates to anatomical area head, neck, brain and does not include internal organs, functions. But here I have included internal organs, functions too as they relate to the area. Or major glands are anatomically located in the broader area mentioned. 

Level 1 – Mental, Social, Spiritual Wellbeing


W =


Will =


Balanced state of desires, aversions, wishes healthy will power


Complete Sense of Mental, Social, Spiritual Wellbeing resulting in Satisfaction on Emotional level.


E =


Emotions =


Balanced State of Joy, happy, sad, fear anxiousness and appropriate responses to situations



I =


Intellect =


Sharp five senses and its interpretation by the brain


M =


Memory =

Sharp short- and long-term memory

Level 2 – Physical Wellbeing

Personal Parameters

Normal Personal and Vital Parameters with satisfaction regarding personal parameters.  






Regular no complaints



Regular no complaints



Sound and refreshing

Vital Parameters



36.5–37.5 °C (97.7–99.5 °F)



70 to 90 per minute in resting


Respiratory Rate

12 to 18 per minute in resting


Blood Pressure

Systolic – 110 to 140 millimetres of mercury in lying down position

Diastolic – 70 to 90

millimetres of mercury in lying down position


110 / 70 to 140 / 90

millimetres of mercury in lying down position

Systemic Parameters


Head, Neck, Brain

Central Nervous System

Coordinated bodily movements and absence of signs and complaints

Normal Systemic Parameters

Endocrine System

Normal secretion of hormones balancing homeostat of other hormones secreted by glands in other part of body

Eyes / Vision

6 / 6


No foul smell


No caries of teeth


Tongue clean


No apthaes or bleeding points


Good Heating Capacity no complaints


No nasal obstruction and no other complaints


Voice normal without any other complaints


Respiratory System

Breathing normal, respiratory rate within normal range without any complaints

Cardiac System

Heart beats normal in resting phase with normal pulse and normal blood pressure



No abnormal signs and without complaints


Female – Reproductive Systems

Normal 3 important epochs of womanhood in life –

(A)   Menarche Phase: 12 to 15 years: Onset of menstrual cycles and normalization. Normal development of breast with secondary sexual characters

(B)   Fertile Phase: 18 to 35 years: Normal Childbearing, lactation and restoration of menstrual cycle

(C)   Menopausal Phase: 42 to 52 years: cessation of menstruation


No abnormal swellings, lumps, skin changes in breast


Regular menstrual cycle, no complaints before, during, after periods. Duration and quantity of the flow normal.


No discharge other than, on or around 14th day, from the first day of last menstrual cycle which is normal during ovulatory phase


Normal Libido and normal associated processes


Male – Reproductive Systems

Development Phase: 12 to 17 years: Normal development of prostatic gland and discharge with secondary sexual characters


No abnormal discharge


No abnormal swelling in and around scrotum


No abnormal signs, no other complaints


Normal Libido and normal associated processes


Locomotive Systems

Shoulders, Hands

No abnormal swellings, signs and complaints

Lower limbs

No abnormal swellings, signs and complaints

Peripheral Systems


All peripheral pulses palpable


Blood pressure equal on both the arms


No engorgement of veins

Lymphatic System

No swelling or obstruction


No pain, no tingling numbness, no areas of lost sensation

Dermatological Systems


Healthy growth, no patches of lost hair.

Having good natural lustre


Good natural lustre


No changes in colour with normal sweating


I am sure you have got the birds eye view of the life and living. The content / satisfaction in life leads to good health and wellbeing. Hence along with accumulation of wealth accumulation of satisfaction is more important and crucial to be in the state of wellbeing for longer time period. The longer you remain in the state of complete mental, physical wellbeing you experience Quality of Living which is the purpose and objective of Wellbiance® Quality of Living Clinic to help you achieve it.


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