Hearty Congratulations everyone for being in the Tenth Day of the Twenty-One Days Lock Down Period. Today we are in double digits!

In the earlier article Health and Disease. Lets learn it in this article about Classification of Disease by the three sciences – Modern Medicine, Ayurveda and Homoeopathy – Disease – Classification Either download and read the PDF file shared or visit URL – http://www.wellbiance.com/health/wellness-coaching-top/articles/43-disease-classification to read about Disease – Classification.

Hope you have gone through the following 21 Days Lock Down Lifestyle Check List:

  1. Optimal Sleep ✅
  2. Personal Hygiene ✅
  3. Balanced Diet ✅
  4. Regular Exercise ✅
  5. Productive Engrossment✅

 Based on the article shared on 25-March-2020. Those who joined late can click the link below and view the article shared earlier:


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