CoVid-19 Vaccination

CoVid-19 Vaccination is just a two-minute process – Here is the complete process of registering one and setting up vaccination appointment, captured in this video below as well as in this article.

The MCGM Free Vaccination for age group 18 to 44 years has started from 22nd June 2021.

As per earlier understanding certain centers will have allocation of doses meant only for 18 to 44 and other centers will be restricted to 45 plus. However, it’s retrospectively learnt in order to avoid frauds MCGM keeps on changing schedules. Hence till a day prior of one’s scheduled vaccination date there will be no clarity which center will have doses for which age group and at what time the appointment will open up on:

As we tend to forget the actual website we have added the link to the appointment portal on our website:

Another hurdle experienced by many is when one login to appointment portal it shows “no slots available”. This is because again to avoid fraud the MCGM opens appointment booking slots only 12 to 18 hours prior. And the appointment opening time varies from 6.30 pm to 7.00 pm / 7.30 pm / 12 am. Solution to this issue and to get timely update please follow the respective administrations webpage or Twitter handle.

Ideal would be you visit: search the pincode you reside at for the nearest available vaccination center. On anticipated time of opening of the appointments for next day. Once you find availability of dose you intend to take like Dose 1 = D1 or Dose 2 = D2 of the vaccine you intend to take, once you see availability login to the self-registration portal and schedule an appointment. Please note that you can schedule an appointment only 12 to 18 hours prior and not for longer future dates. Hence the slots are seen open only 12 to 18 hours prior.

For Mumbai MCGM’s “My BMC” Twitter handle (for Mumbai, search your local authority announcement portal) and click the bell icon to receive all notifications:

Appointment slots opening time is notified on Twitter 2 to 5 minutes prior to opening time. Hence please do a prior registration on CoWin portal with correct ID Card number which you will be carrying to the vaccination center.

Follow above steps meticulously to get an early appointment for CoVid vaccination.

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