Hearty Congratulations everyone for being in the Eighth Day of the Twenty-One Days Lock Down Period

Hope you have gone through the following 21 Days Lock Down Lifestyle Check List:

  1. Optimal Sleep ✅
  2. Personal Hygiene ✅
  3. Balanced Diet ✅
  4. Regular Exercise ✅
  5. Productive Engrossment✅

Based on the article shared on 25-March-2020. Those who joined late can click the link below and view the article shared earlier:

25-March-2020 – 21 Days Lock Down Lifestyle – http://www.wellbiance.com/health/wellness-coaching-top/current-concerns/27-21-days-lockdown-lifestyle

26-March-2020 – http://www.wellbiance.com/health/wellness-coaching-top/current-concerns/29-day-2-21-days-lockdown-lifestyle

27-March-2020 – Emotions in Lock Down – http://www.wellbiance.com/health/wellness-coaching-top/current-concerns/30-emotions-in-lock-down

28-March-2020 – Human / Biological Clock = Circadian Rhythm – http://www.wellbiance.com/health/wellness-coaching-top/articles/32-human-biological-clock-circadian-rhythm

29-March-2020 – Optimum Sleep – http://www.wellbiance.com/health/wellness-coaching-top/articles/34-optimum-sleep

30-March-2020 – Panic Pandemic – Cure – http://www.wellbiance.com/health/wellness-coaching-top/articles/36-panic-pandemic-cure

31-March-2020 – My Plate for the Day – http://www.wellbiance.com/resources/My_Plate_for_the_Day.pdf

We have been talking about being healthy. But what is health? Lets learn it in this article – *Health – Basic Concept* Either download and read the PDF file shared or visit URL – http://www.wellbiance.com/health/wellness-coaching-top/articles/39-health-basic-concept to read about Health – Basic Concept


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