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Since February second week things are worse. In earlier days it appeared to be fun staying at home and work from home. However, as the days, weeks, months passed by lives have been monotonous. Earlier news from far away use to disturb us. But the problem started happening in known contacts. It’s more disturbing and affecting our lives. The economy is at toss. Future of many seems to be obscure as the employers are disengaging people. The adversity is taking heavy toll on us. Our mental / emotional health is getting affected further leading to loss of sleep, reduced immunity. Let’s conquer adversities, let’s build resilience. 

It’s high time to build resilience. One should have started from first week of March itself, however, nevertheless it’s not late, start from today – Start to build resilience.

What’s resilience?

Building resilience — the ability to adapt well to adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or even significant sources of stress — can help us, our children manage stress and feelings of anxiety and uncertainty1

Indian perspective for resilience is स्थितप्रज्ञ

In simple words your ability to re-bounce back during adversities of life.

During adversity why are we affected at the first place? Why are we emotionally upset at first place? The WHY “syndrome” is affecting many.

One answer to these questions is – because we are adamant.

Surprised to know the answer?

But it’s true:

(A) we are adamant to accept that only change is constant and stability is not

(B) we are adamant to accept what science is telling us to do in order to prevent the disease

(C) we are adamant to accept facts and we don’t trust science that once we do our 100% in preventive strategies the disease will stay away

(D) we are adamant to accept that there are some powers such as nature beyond our capabilities.

How to break this adamant behaviour and how do one build resilience?

The step by step approach would be:

  1. Retrospect and clearly understand existing state
  2. Accept the fact that change is only be stable and “stability” is not
  3. Accept science
  4. Accept powers beyond our capabilities
  5. Face fears
  6. Prepare plan to bounce back
  7. Limit liabilities build newer capabilities
  8. Use tools to build resilience
  9. Emotional resilience counts more even in medical treatment of any disease be it novel. No gadget on this universe till date can gauze emotional intelligence. Build, gauze it yourself.

Here are some small business tools to develop resilience from world renowned Facebook which you can refer to and extra-polate even in non-business strategies. Do refer to:

  • Facebook – Resilience Quick Action Guide – Click Here
  • Facebook – Resilience Toolkit – Click Here

If at all you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me.


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