Fade up of Rain?
You can stop such untimely rain next year.

Wondering how?

Reduce your Carbon Footprint šŸ‘£!Ā 

Your Carbon Footprint:

A. has a direct impact on climate resulting in global warming leading to untimely, unexpected weather changes

B. Affect health with increased respiratory and other diseases

Wondering whats CarbonĀ FootprintĀ šŸ‘£?

Watch the following video:

How can I reduce my Carbon FootprintšŸ‘£?

1. Reduce, reuse, recycle, refuse - reduce use of 'use and throw items', reuse as many items as you can of daily use, recycle all daily used yet thrown to bins items, refuse items that can not be reused

2. Drive less - whereever, whenever possible walk or use bicycle

3. Use air conditioners / heaters sparingly - as far as possible refrain switching on air conditioners be it in premises be it in carĀ 

4. Right diet - avoid red meat, rice, packaged food, items which reach you using long distance transportation

5. Use alternative energy e.g. solar energy

Reducing individual Carbon Footprints - key to unlock Good Weather and Good Health - nominal Lifestyle Modification maximal outcome!




Share to all groups, each contact - Help reducing Carbon Footprints