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On this auspicious day of Dasara, Tuesday, 08-Oct-2019, we at Wellbiance Quality of Living Clinic are happy to announce our new project - WEIM® Gym

We need Volunteers for our new Project - WEIM® Gym


What is full form of WEIM® Gym?

Full form of WEIM® Gym is: Wilful Emotional Intelligence – Memorized Gym


What is Wilful Emotional Intelligence – Memorized Gym?

It’s a method discovered and designed by Dr. Ashutosh Pradhan and Dr. Anjali A. Pradhan. The method involves systematic introspection and realigning of thoughts on regular basis on the principles that results into: Wilful Emotional Intelligence – Memorized. Since the introspection and realignment has to be done on daily basis its been equated to a Gym.


What is the benefit of WEIM® Gym to those who will practice it?

Practice of WEIM on regular basis will increase the immunity and will lead to invocation of capabilities to fight a chronic disease.


Why it is called as a Project?

We are implementing it as a project in its initial stage to prove the efficacy of the method / system. Once proved it will be implemented as a commercial project. Though it will be implemented as commercial project the cost will be kept very nominal.


What will I gain if I decide to volunteer for the WEIM® Gym project?

You will learn the process Wilful Emotional Intelligence – Memorized free of cost and any support related to this shall be offered to you free of cost for lifetime by Dr. Ashutosh Pradhan and Dr. Anjali A. Pradhan, even though the project will be commercialized for others (though at a nominal cost). Since it will be commercialized at a nominal cost volunteering for the project will serve as a social service too.

The process will refine your understanding of Human Mind and you will have healthy perspectives of the environment around you.

Volunteering for the project is a social service and there will be no remuneration paid in cash.  


What are the eligibility criteria for being a volunteer?

  1. Any individual other than a homoeopathic doctor can be a volunteer.
  2. You should able to communicate with us freely and will need to share changes within you openly without any inhibitions. All the information shared by the volunteers shall be kept confidential and nothing will be disclosed to anyone.
  3. You should able to spare few hours to attend the introductory sessions in person or online and afterwards should able to spare at least half an hour daily to note down the findings within you.


Why Homoeopathic doctors are not eligible?

Because we do not want prejudiced observers, as some concepts are derived from existing homoeopathic philosophy. Homoeopathic Doctors will be eligible in one of the next phases of the project. We will announce it in upcoming months. 


If I decide to join as a volunteer, how long will I have to volunteer for the project?

You will need to volunteer for the project for initial period of one month. However, you need not physically attend the meetings if it is not feasible for you. You can communicate to us either on WhatsApp, Zoom, or through tele-conversation.


Where can I avail more details about WEIM® Gym?

More details about the project can be availed from our Wellbiance web site at URL: WEIM® Gym More Details


How Do I join?

Please visit the URL and fill out your details, we will get in touch with you.

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